“It’s not about invulnerability, but absolute vulnerability — to the world, to life, to the presence you feel in the moment.” —Dan Millman

Recovery CoachingAddiction is about what’s next—the next fix, the next drink, the next whatever. Recovery is about what’s now—this breath, this moment, just simply this. You’ve already done probably the hardest thing you will ever do—you got sober—but sober isn’t a destination. Sober is a way station on your journey, and it’s your journey that will bring you everything you’re seeking.

When you picked up, you pulled a veil across your life. You hid. You disappeared behind a curtain of compulsion, relinquishing any real claim you had to just about everything—life, love, career and probably even you. That’s what addiction is—hiding. Now that you’ve pulled aside the veil, and peeked out from behind it, it’s time to reclaim not only your life and everything that means, but yourself.

Reclaiming Yourself

The part of your journey focused on reclaiming yourself begs one simple question: ‘Are you being sober, or are you doing sober?’. We are, in fact, human beings, not human doings, and it’s very easy miss the difference. Doing implies going through the motions, while being implies presence—the total connection that comes from showing up in your life openly, vulnerably and receptively.

Reclaiming yourself is also about give and take. The ‘give’ is showing up in your life authentically and with intention. The ‘take’ is less about taking and more about being receptive to the people, places and things around you, recognizing their value as lessons, rather than triggers. This simple shift in perspective can create radical transformation for you as a person, as well as how you experience the fabric of your life.

Radical Transformation

You’ve pulled aside the veil—you’ve returned to yourself, discovering in your deepest heart you’re not a broken thing that needs fixing, but a whole, healthy human who is sometimes overwhelmed by the challenges you face. Are you ready to continue your journey into the deepest parts of yourself, seeking a guide and mentor to walk with you on your own unique path? If you are, reach out to me so we can explore working together as seekers on the road to self.

“We are not human doings, we are human beings.” —Ram Dass