The Season's Call for Change Michael J. Formica Counselor CoachSpring is a season that inspires change. We are drawn out of our winter slumber and thrust headlong into a time of vibrant rebirth, growth and change. It’s a fitting place to begin considering what changes we might like to make for ourselves, whether thinking about revitalizing our relationship, pursuing that promotion, starting a new venture, or transitioning into a new phase of our lives.

The dulling chill of the winter months tends to give us a bit of tunnel vision, keeping us tucked cozily away in our comfort zone. Moving out of that comfort zone and into our growth zone is when real change can happen. We can start that process by looking at what’s important to us in the moment and refocusing our priorities to create a different future.

This might feel a bit uncomfortable at first because, although change is the only real constant in our lives, it’s not something we readily embrace. In fact, we might even think of our growth zone as our discomfort zone. Becoming comfortable with our discomfort is a vital part of allowing ourselves to become vulnerable enough to embrace the change we desire.

Once we’ve refocused our priorities, we can then take a step back and see how we’re going to make change happen. At times the answer will very clear to us, and at others we may find we are unable to move in a straight line, necessitating a shift in our perspective. Continually revising our plan based on the small changes happening around us provides the opportunity to maximize our potential for success.

Sometimes, when we look at what’s in front of us, we may find that completely changing things isn’t necessary at all. Instead we may find that we simply need to breathe new life into a situation that has become dull or stagnant. This is still a kind of change, but it’s a change that renews, rather than recreates. Either way, we will find ourselves in a different place, likely happier, healthier and more content for it.

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