18 09, 2016

Self-Acceptance: Why We Care What Others Think

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One of our more enduring social fallacies is the idea that what others think of us actually matters. While this notion clearly has primal evolutionary roots, its shift from survival instinct to social imperative has become one of our greatest obstacles to self-acceptance. At a time when our ancestors shared the planet with woolly mammoths [...]

23 08, 2016

Foreplay Starts at 7AM

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We often hear that boys will be boys and girls will be girls. When it comes to the psychology of relationships, what we’re talking about is something called gender balance. Gender balance doesn’t necessarily mirror the actual gender of each partner. It’s more the way each partner’s personal integration of masculine and feminine characteristics show [...]

18 05, 2015

Working Through Emotional Infidelity

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Is Chatting Really Cheating? Sexual infidelity is pretty clear cut; someone steps outside the bounds of a relationship and engages in some form of sexual contact with another person. Although the implications and consequences are similar, emotional infidelity is a bit more murky, since emotional infidelity doesn't just apply to sexual or romantic interpersonal relationships. Emotional infidelity can [...]

8 05, 2014

Essentials of Conscious Relationship

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When I talk about conscious relationship, I am quick to point out the eight essential elements that are at its core. The interplay among these elements informs several different aspects of relationship, from the deep structures to the daily landscape. While no one of these elements is more important than any other, the emphasis or [...]

24 07, 2013

10 Elements of Effective Relationships

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The other day, a friend pointed out that I very often write from the perspective of what people are doing wrong, as opposed to what they are doing right. Well, here are some things that I have found to be effective elements in a successful relationship; the right stuff. Transparency Partners who are aware of [...]

25 01, 2011

Foreplay (Still) Starts at 7AM

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The deeper we allow ourselves to enter into relationship, the closer we come to a state of unconditional love and mutual acceptance. The more we are removed, the further we are from the love, intimacy and connection that we, ourselves, are seeking. The challenge is fostering the willingness to let go of our ego enough [...]

17 05, 2010

Foreplay Starts at 7 AM

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There is within every relationship what we might refer to as a "gender balance". That balance does not necessarily parallel the actual gender of those in the relationship but, for the sake of this discussion, let's just assume that girls will be girls and boys will be boys. That said, gentlemen, a lesson we often [...]

30 04, 2009

Understanding Relationship Styles

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Relationship style comes in several different distinct flavors -- independent, dependent, interdependent, co-dependent and counter-dependent. Bearing this in mind, if we consider one of the prime tenets of forensic psychology - the way that people do one thing is the way that they do everything - we can begin to reveal the consistencies, and, by [...]

5 05, 2008

The Myth of Managing Emotions

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One of the great secrets of life is that ‘it's not all about you.' When we interact with others, we tend to see ourselves as the cause of their reactions and emotions. The folly of this perspective is that, in truth, we are responsible only for ourselves, and our own feelings. We are not responsible [...]