2 09, 2011

Are You Meditating, or Repressing?

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The core intention of meditation is the release of thoughts and feelings that keep us stuck in our self-absorption. Repression is a way to avoid thoughts and feelings that are uncomfortable for us. If in releasing our thoughts and feelings we fail to be totally honest with ourselves, our practice of meditation can easily become [...]

10 06, 2010

Research Suggests Meditation Increases Gray Matter

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If you are a meditator, you are likely familiar with the more obvious benefits of practice, which include a reduction in stress, an increased ability to enact mindfulness, greater concentration and a lowered tendency toward immediate and excessive emotional dysregulation. Recent research suggests that, in addition to the anecdotal psycho-social benefits evidenced by a regular meditation [...]

30 04, 2009

Tardiness, Self-Worth and Being Present

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In the realm of social psychology and psychodynamics, when we discuss chronic lateness, we typically do so in reference to passive-aggression and control. An individual who is passive-aggressive is, by definition, arrogant...and arrogance is bred, not by a sense of personal power, but, rather, through fear and insecurity. In a previous post, I mentioned a [...]

23 05, 2008

Meditation as a Tool for Change

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One of the most consistent questions that I get from my clients is, "How can I get my mind around that?" For many years, I countered that question with the statement "It's a matter of choice.", and then went into a little spiel about willingness to change (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1982). Yesterday, I was speaking with [...]