Tardiness, Self-Worth and Being Present

2009-04-30T11:29:58-04:00By |Mindfulness, Self-development|

In the realm of social psychology and psychodynamics, when we discuss chronic lateness, we typically do so in reference to passive-aggression and control. An individual who is passive-aggressive is, by definition, arrogant...and arrogance is bred, not by a sense of personal power, but, rather, through fear and insecurity. In a previous post, I mentioned a [...]

Meditation as a Tool for Change

2008-05-23T11:15:53-04:00By |Mindfulness|

One of the most consistent questions that I get from my clients is, "How can I get my mind around that?" For many years, I countered that question with the statement "It's a matter of choice.", and then went into a little spiel about willingness to changeĀ (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1982). Yesterday, I was speaking with [...]

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