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Addiction and the Addictive Personality

2008-06-28T12:01:31-04:00By |Addiction|

For several years now I have been doing a psycho-educational dialogue with the families and significant others of addicts. It's always gone over quite well and, when you have 150 people in a room and they suddenly discover that they are not alone in their experience, it goes a long way toward consciousness raising, the [...]

Meditation as a Tool for Change

2008-05-23T11:15:53-04:00By |Mindfulness|

One of the most consistent questions that I get from my clients is, "How can I get my mind around that?" For many years, I countered that question with the statement "It's a matter of choice.", and then went into a little spiel about willingness to change (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1982). Yesterday, I was speaking with [...]

The Myth of Managing Emotions

2008-05-05T15:03:19-04:00By |Relationships|

One of the great secrets of life is that ‘it's not all about you.' When we interact with others, we tend to see ourselves as the cause of their reactions and emotions. The folly of this perspective is that, in truth, we are responsible only for ourselves, and our own feelings. We are not responsible [...]

Yogic Breathing as a Remedy for Anxiety

2019-07-12T20:40:24-04:00By |Anxiety, Self-worth, Stress|

One of our oldest traditions of physical culture and health holds an answer to one of our most modern of problems - anxiety. Although many us typically think of the physical practice associated with Yoga as a series of pretzel-like postures executed by impossibly flexible people, the core of the physical practice actually lies in [...]

Perspectives on Borderline Relationships

2019-07-12T20:35:15-04:00By |Borderline Personality Disorder, Relationships, Uncategorized|

Non-BP is a non-clinical term originally coined by Kreger & Mason in the book Stop Walking on Eggshells. The term has since come into popular usage and describes individuals who are in a consistent, and sometimes significant, relationship with a person exhibiting a Borderline character, aspects of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), or a formally diagnosed Borderline Personality [...]

Learning To Be Self-ish

2019-07-12T19:09:20-04:00By |Self-care|

The most important relationship that we have is with ourselves. Yet, the greatest obstacle we face in creating conscious relationship is, well, ourselves. We love to get in our own way. By failing to recognize our needs and give voice to our feelings, we often end up putting ourselves aside for what we might [...]

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